A Clever Reminder, So I Wouldn’t Forget

It started out innocent enough. Just a clever reminder, so I wouldn’t forget.

The packages included birthday presents for Sparkles, so I hid them in my in-law’s study, so she wouldn’t be curious and start peeking.

But, I’m a person who loses my keys, can’t find my phone and forgets my packages, so I put my purse on top of the packages. This way, I wouldn’t leave their house without the packages.

I was in the drive-through at the Walgreen’s near my house at 8:00 at night with my little girls when I realized I didn’t have my purse. On the other side of that glass was my prescription, the one that is only mildly embarrassing to be taking, but oh-so-very-embarrassing to NOT be taking, when you need to take it. And I was already out of it for a few days. And I was leaving on a flight at 5:00 in the morning.

No problem. Did I mention that I’m prone to lose my keys, my phone and my packages? I keep a $20 bill in my glove box for these very occasions.

But, a similar situation happened less than a week ago and I had only $13 left. The prescription was $15.

I searched in the ash tray, trash can and glove box of my car for all of the silver change and I managed to pull together $15 in cash. I handed the pharmacist a handful of bills and change. She gave me my prescription.

I was a little sad about the purse. On another day, I could hang out for a day or two and head back to my in-laws during one of my afternoons with the girls. But, did I mention I was flying out at 5:00AM in the morning? I had my driver’s license, my work badge, my work Credit Card, my debit card, my cash and all other forms of payment and identification in my purse.

I started to leave the Walgreen’s parking lot when my gas light went off.

My in-laws live 25 minutes away. That’s 50 minutes round-trip.

So I drove home. I headed to the slush fund, which is our name for the cash we keep in the house to pay Noel’s allowance and the guy who mows our lawn sometimes. We had $4 in the slush fund.

I used to know this math in college. I knew exactly how far my standard Toyota Celica could go on $4 in gas. But, these are different times. I drive an automatic minivan and gas is almost $4 for one single gallon. I’m pretty sure $4 isn’t enough.

I call Blue Eyes. I ask him “Do we have any more cash in the house?”

He said, if I’m being kidnapped, to say “Yes.”

I said “No.”

He said he had some change from his pockets in his drawer.

For the second time of the night, I counted out the sliver change. I came up with $10, but some of those are Eruos, so just $9. I thought this would do it.

I got a snack for the girls and explained our great adventure back to Grandma and Papa’s.

At the gas station, I handed the attendant a handful of bills and change. He turned on the pump.

We got back to my in-laws and I got my purse and packages.

The funny thing is, Blue Eyes and I have been having a really hard time getting the girls to go to sleep in the same room. I’ll tell y’all more about that soon. And our one break in the whole drama is that they would at least go to sleep in the car if we drove home around their bed time. But, since they are older now and the summer nights are long, they don’t do that anymore and we don’t get our break.

But, on this night, as I pulled into the driveway at 9:15pm, they had indeed fallen asleep.They were peaceful and quiet. It was sweet to carry them up to bed, with their heavy heads on my shoulder and their limp arms wrapped around me, just a little.

So, my clever reminder didn’t work (because I had switched cars with my in-laws to do the shopping, so my keys were in my hands, instead of my purse, when I left their house) and I didn’t have much time to pack for my trip, but it was funny too. That it all seemed to work out, just enough. And I did get my break in the end.





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  1. Sydney

    Sooo funny!


  2. Ah, thanks! Do you know hat makes it easier in a strange way? If something TOTALLY nuts is going on, I can at least find comfort in the fact that it will might make a good blog post. That doesn’t always work, but when Blue Eyes thought I was kidnapped, I knew it might be funny.


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