A Super Sweet and Very Early Austin Morning

I have the diaper bag, shoes, snacks and sippy cups in the car, along with one favorite blanket for Sparkles and one for Buttercup. I pick each of them up from their beds, all floppy, dreaming still, and put them in their car seats.  They wake up and I tell them we are going on an adventure to find the bats and the sun. We tried this before, and they have been asking about it, now it was a super sweet and very early morning surprise.

We see the bats come home from the Austin American Statesman viewing area. Sparkles and Buttercup laugh because the bats’ poop stinks. We talk about how the Moms stay out all night getting food for their new babies.

We sit down on the Congress Bridge to watch more bats and see the pink sun ease over the horizon as row boats glide by. (This activity is best for kids who can sit close and sit still, because it is a busy bridge.) Sparkles tries to understand how the bats could have been over her head while we were on the grass and then under her feet while she was on the bridge.

My girls love routine and novelty. Do you know what I mean? Routine organizes the regular parts of our regular days, but now and then we do something different and it is exciting just because it is different. It was fun to leave the house in the dark, stay in pajamas (well, the girls anyway) and watch night turn into day just a little at a time. I’ll remember this super sweet and very early morning for a long time.

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  1. Sydney

    I have still never gone to see the bats…it’s on a list somewhere I’m sure. Sweet story 🙂


    Carol Reply:

    I lived in Austin for 18 years before I saw the bats, which was this year and I’ve seen them twice now. I kind of like them.


    Sydney Reply:

    I’m only slightly behind then…24 years lol, but for 18 of them I can blame it on the parents. I should go soon.


  2. Sara S.

    What a great idea! We did this with our boys since they go to bed so early and wake up so early.


  3. Mom

    ‘Super Sweet story’


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