ACL Mommy Style

You don’t have to give up fun altogether when you have small kids, it is just different. Here’s how the Austin City Limits Festival went for me…

– One day instead of three.

– Less drinking.

– More appreciation for just being there.

– I don’t see new bands as often as I wish I could, since they have to play on Thursday night about 8pm on a no-travel-week when no one in the house is sick, for it to work. So, I went from stage to stage to stage, not staying if I wasn’t that into it and stopping to listen to anyone on the way. I saw ten bands in all, about a whole year’s worth.

– First album I’m going to buy – The Black Keys.

– Favorite band I’m going to put back on my iPhone – Carolyn Wonderland.

– Best live show I would love to see again – Vampire Weekend.

– Best stages for shade from the super hot sun – Clear and BMI.

– Best snack – Hyde Park Fries

Thanks for a great day, ACL. See you next year!

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  1. Blue Eyes

    Let me know when you get the Black Keys. I’d love to load them up as well.

    Vampire Weekend, huh? Now that would have been a show I would have endured the crowds for. The Eagles, Muse? Not so much.


  2. Sydney

    I need kids so I can take a break and go to ACL… Next year I’ll go. Wish I had seen that line up, thanks for the recap of good stuff to get!


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