ACL or Lucy’s Ladybug Jam

Lucy's Ladybug Jam

I’ve let the truth out that I prefer a babysitter when ACL comes around. But, to tell you the real truth, I am bringing the kiddos for a few hours on Saturday morning. Before we meet the babysitter at the Austin High drop-off/pick-up, that is. Really, I do love my kids but who am I to keep them from a sleepover at Grandma and Papa’s on a Saturday night?

But, if you aren’t into the ACL scene, here is a family-friendly music event on Saturday afternoon that also raises money for a good cause, Lucy’s Ladybug Jam at Irie Bean Coffee Bar on South Lamar. I’ll bet the parking will be way easier than ACL. And even though it is a fundraiser, unless you go nuts, it will be cheaper too. If you are hearing about the music and feeling the need to get a groove on with the kiddos, try it out.

I’m doing an ACL compilation interview piece from a dozen or so ACL bands, so stay tuned for that. For example, what is the best lullaby song that isn’t a traditional lullaby? LOTS of good answers to that one, coming soon…

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