Ahhh, The Joy of Hidden Treasure

I hide my kid’s toys.

It might seem cruel.

But I think it is fun.

We have it pretty good at our house and we end up with lots of toys, especially after birthdays and Christmas. So I hide them.

Well, not all of them.

But the extras and a few random things and the ones they won’t see because they have too much out all ready.

One of the random ones we got out the other day was five left over Thank You cards with Belle on them from Sparkle’s birthday and a miniature set of markers from Noel’s Christmas stocking. When we were a little bored one afternoon, I pulled them out and gave Sparkles the idea that these were special note cards and markers and would she like to write some notes to her friends?

She loved the idea. She sat down and drew on the cards and envelopes. She told me who each one was for. I wrote the name down and made sure it got to the right person.

We had fun and it didn’t take a new toy bought from the store or an amusement park with fun rides. It was simple and sweet and on most days, the simple, sweet joy is my favorite kind.

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  1. Sydney

    So nice, I love to be thrifty! Those are such nicely done cards-very sweet. 🙂


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