An Amazing Day with Trains, Kites and Pajamas

Sparkles, Buttercup and I were sitting on the decking over the pond at Butler Park eating plums. It was a beautiful day, there were lots of turtles to watch and the plums were perfectly sweet. It was already a pretty great moment when we hear “Choo Choo” and see a train pass, just a few hundred yards away, just beyond the trees.

Sparkles LOVEs trains. We might as well have spotted Elvis. At home, any time two or more things are one behind the other, chairs or boxes or playing cards, they instantly become a train and Sparkles says “Choo Choo.” And now, without expecting it, just out of the blue, there is a real live train in person. I love when that happens, simple, happy, surprises, they don’t need a plan, they don’t cost money, they just show up now and then, so long as I watch for them.

Well, if the train wasn’t enough, we met a Mom and her girls at the top of Doug Sahm hill and they were flying kites. If there is one thing Sparkles loves more than trains, it is anything in the sky – planes, clouds, the moon, she is fascinated by anything in the sky and this is her very first time to see a kite. And there is more, the Mom has an extra kite and she lets Sparkles fly the kite.

Did I mention Sparkles was in her pajamas at the park? It had been pajama day at her day care and I didn’t bring clothes for her to change into. But I liked her pajamas. They had bright, colorful flowers and why not wear bright, colorful pajamas to the park now and then?

Some days with the young girls are easy, others are hard and some are amazing. With trains, kites and pajamas all on the same day, this day was an amazing day.

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  1. Jenny Booth

    Very sweet! I think I’ll wear my pajamas to the park tomorrow! 🙂


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