An Orchid on the Doorstep

Dreams for our children.
The end of the year can be a time to reflect on mortality and dreams that may or may not come true.

I have a dream for my family.

To be 90 years old, on the front porch in a swing with my husband, watching my kids and grand kids play on the front lawn, all healthy and happy.

My kids will learn to read, run, play and make friends.

My kids will graduate high school, college and get a good job.

My kids will find someone to love and get married.

My kids will have kids and they would have this dream for their kids too.

It isn’t my dream really, it is everyone’s dream.

I wish there could be a guarantee of some kind, to make sure that all of this will happen, but there isn’t. And I know that there are parents and kids who don’t get all of this and who live great lives and there is love and value and hope in their lives too. But I still want the dream.

When Blue Eyes and I were in crisis several years ago, some one left us an orchid on our door step without a note. It seemed like it was from everyone, that the universe was thinking of us in some way. Today, I left an orchid on the doorstep of my friends who are in crisis now. I hope they feel the same.

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  1. Sydney

    I have the same dream and like the anonymous gestures.


    Carol Reply:

    I like anonymous, but they had a dog.


    Sydney Reply:

    Ah, I saw this reply in my email and wasn’t sure what that meant. I thought the dog ate the orchid until I saw the other post.


  2. Kellena

    Our dog doesn’t let anyone anonymously leave things on our doorstep. I think she has some kind of smoke alarm type sensor that sets her off whenever anyone even thinks about approaching the house.

    It was great seeing you yesterday, Carol. And we love the orchid. 🙂


    Carol Reply:

    Next time I will have to come at night wearing dark clothes. 🙂


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