And Today I Was Early

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I don’t even remember the last time I was early, but I know for sure it was before I had two young kids. I used to be able to run to the store and be back in 15 minutes. Now, it takes longer than that to just get in the car.

Is the diaper bag stocked? Do I have sippy cups with water and snacks, what about baby food or teething biscuits? Will we come back around bed time, because then it works better to bring pajamas.

Today I got some where early…

I’ve been packing for a while and got it done quickly and I expected traffic and there wasn’t any. The only thing was, at the same time, my friend was running late. So Sparkles, Buttercup and I stopped by the veloway and watched the bikers and roller bladers.  There were families with kids still on training wheels and serious bikers looking like they were training for something important. My favorite was a Mom on rollerblades pushing a double stroller with two babies. That was cool. Sparkles especially liked climbing up and down the gate at the entrance.

So, I will remember today as the day I managed to be early. It is a milestone for sure. Next up is potty training Sparkles. Maybe that won’t be as easy, we’ll see what happens.

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