Art and Mystery at Bouldin Creek

Sometimes I get giddy about how much I love Austin, like when I used to be in love with Shaun Cassidy when I was a kid and he was a Hardy Boy. Here is a good example. I was walking with my brother, Sparkles and Buttercup to Torchy’s Tacos on South First the other day when we ran into random mosaic art built into a bridge over Boudlin Creek¬† at 402 El Paso Street.

I love mosaics because they are three-dimensional and have a texture that you can feel with your hands. They have cool colors and different materials like glass, mirror, ceramic and metal. This mosaic didn’t seem planned by a master city planner as part of an overall design, it felt organic and natural and a little bit rebellious. Not that I don’t like super-planned art, I just like some of both. The art is by Stefanie Distefano and there are other year-round Yard Art places in town. (The Yard Art Tour has many more locations, it happens in April.) So, this art is unique, but it isn’t unique in Austin to be this unique. (Does that make sense?)

But that isn’t all that happened that day.

On the way to eat tacos, the creek was clear.

On the way back, the creek was muddy.

We decide to investigate the mystery.

Just upstream, there is a tiny trail, unmarked and unofficial, so we hold hands and head that way. After a short walk, my brother sees it, run-off from a neighborhood dumping into the creek. So we follow the muddy water flowing beside the curbs to see where it leads.

We made a right turn at the next street. Then we crossed the street. Then we found it.

It was bizarre to see water bubbling through asphalt and cement. The same water that can flow harmlessly through our fingers, can break through the streets that hold up our cars. It ends up the heat is causing more water pipe breaks in the city, because the ground is shifting.

Yes, the city is too hot. But, with Austin’s random art and random hikes, not to mention Damn Good Tacos,¬† it’s worth it.

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  1. I love finding hidden artistic gems in the city. I love how you describe it as a little bit rebellious. Austin is such a marvelous place to live.

    And Torchy’s? YUM.
    Leigh Ann recently posted..An Attitude of Gratitude #16


    Carol Reply:

    Thanks for the comment!
    I find it strange when I travel and I can’t get Torchy’s-like-tacos for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Very strange.


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