Austin Kids Dance!

There aren’t many things in life that are fun, free (mostly) and good for you all at the same time. Dancing is one of those things, especially for kids. My favorite kind of kid dancing is the spontaneous and informal, running in circles, raising hands and jumping up and down. It is the kind of dancing that doesn’t need classes or special shoes, it just happens now and then and it works the best when the music is live.

We live in the Live Music Capital of the World, so there should be plenty of options. But we can’t go dancing in a bar on 6th street at 1:00 in the morning with our kids. And our very favorite grown-up bands aren’t likely to play in kid-friendly venues. And I’m not a big fan of music made just for kids. (If you are into that, check out Mr. Johnny’s web site and Facebook Fan Page.)

It sounds like I just about ruled everything out, but that isn’t true.

Restaurants and Festivals

both have grown-up music in kid-friendly environments. It took me a while to transition from seeing my very favorite band in a club to seeing a random band in a kid-friendly venue, but I got there and I’m happy for it. I hope you enjoy the information and I hope your and your family have a great time seeing Austin live music.