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Before we get started today, I have to share that has been updated to remove Jovita’s, which has been closed this week because the owners were arrested for their roles in a heroin distribution operation related to the Texas Syndicate prison gang. This is only slightly embarrassing. Jovita’s was one of my first favorite venues for live music, when I came to Austin in the 90’s. I still remember the Sisters Morales show, back when the bands played inside, in a small room that fit about 10 tables. I’ve watched it grow over the years and I swear, I never saw heroin on the menu. And, so far as I know, the other restaurants that I recommend are just restaurants, with food and maybe beer, that is all.

Welcome to Austin’s Tiniest Kids’ calendar with just a few carefully selected activities during the coming week, usually hiking, music or art-related.

Children’s Art Show and Fundraiser for CASA at Monkey Nest
Friday, June 22nd, 5-7pm
5353 Burnet Road
CASA is hosting a Super hero themed fun run in September and some folks are getting a head start on the fundraising by hosting a kid’s art show and sale at the Monkey Nest. The art is sure to be in your price range and you can meet the artists who have been working hard to raise money for kids who could use a helping hand.
Fifth Annual Austin Bug Festival
Saturday, June 23, 5:30 pm
Zilker Park Rock Garden Picnic Area (just a bit above the hill from the outdoor amphitheater)
Eat bugs. Yes, I’m serious. Marjory Wildcraft and Allen Davisson from Grow Your Own Groceries are  preparing tasty treats of grasshoppers, crickets, spiders, katydids, bees, wasps, wormy things that kids and adults can actually eat. Whether you are hungry or not, this will be something the kids will remember.
Story Time Tours at the Blanton Museum, best for ages 4-7
Thursdays and Fridays, 10:30am, now until August 10
200 East Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard
If you are getting a bit too hot, try some indoor fun that is also free for kids under 12. You can all discover the basics of art by listening to children’s stories related to art in the Blanton collection.
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  1. Torie

    I can’t wait to use that excuse for not being able to work: “my boss was arrested for their role in a heroin distribution operation related to the Texas Syndicate prison gang. “


    Carol Reply:

    It is sad. I’ve gone to Jovita’s a hundred times. It’s so strange that you don’t always know what is really going on.


  2. Lynn

    The Texas heat has arrived. Story time tours at the Blanton Museum
    sounds cool, cool, cool.
    Just bout anything indoors and air conditioned is appealing. This comment from someone who grew up with no air conditoning!


    Carol Reply:

    Yes, indoors is good. I was just out tonight at 9pm when it was 99 degrees. Ouch.


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