Unplugged at Barton Creek

I love being wired and our house has my dual-monitor setup for work and a desktop for the family, along with his and her laptops, two iPhones and an iPad. The Internet is always a moment away and we use it to talk to family, look up recipes, pay bills, plan a party, get involved in politics, write a will, buy insurance, play music, share ideas with our church group, Christmas shop and a hundred million other things.

But after a while, I feel a little bit charged all the time, as if an email might tap me on the shoulder any minute.  Sometimes I feel the buzz of my cell phone against my hip, then I realize my cell phone isn’t even in the belt clip. I feel a small, constant, tiring pressure from being wired all the time.

I didn’t feel like this last Saturday at Barton Creek.

Austin Parenting Barton Creek

I felt amazed.

Austin Parenting Barton Creek

I felt like I’m very lucky to live in Austin where I can hike like this in a hundred different places without leaving the city limits.

Austin Parenting Barton Creek

Blue Eyes and the girls make rock art with shapes, letters and more abstract piles.

Austin Parenting Barton CreekThe girls learned to skip stones (well, Sparkles throws them, barely missing her sister’s head and Buttercup drops them, we need to hold her other hand so she doesn’t fall in as she leans over, but we are working on it).

Austin Parenting Barton Creek

We could see this bird’s next close up because the tree was leaning low over the creek. We also saw spiders and lots of dogs out for a walk.

Austin Parenting Barton Creek

Thanks, Blue Eyes, Sparkles and Buttercup. Thanks, Barton Creek and Austin, Texas.

Find more information about Barton Creek on Austin Kids Hike, this story is from Trail Head #5.

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  1. Mom

    Enjoying that kind of nature within your city limits – what a blessing!
    So close.Talk about unwinding. Wow!


    Carol Reply:

    It is pretty amazing. When I first came to Austin, it didn’t take long to find the creeks. They are amazing.


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