Free Toys For Everyday Fun

Growing Up AustinThere are free toys all around our house. Sparkles and Buttercup take every day household items and create a game, art piece or theater experience just about every day. This is their interpretation of the bathroom towels. The different size towels are laid in patterns, then Sparkles lays down for a pretend nap. (Many of their plays have pretend naps. My Mom friends with boys are jealous. But I hear the plays will get more dramatic with time.)

Growing Up AustinOne stack of paper plates and cups last us about a year’s worth of pretend picnics for their babies and stuffed animals.

Growing Up AustinBag clips are a favorite for at least 20 minutes of fun.

But, FREE might not be completely accurate. There is a clean up cost, but then again, everything has a clean up cost. There is a cost to having the soft boundary between what is a toy and what is Mom and Dad’s. I spend extra time looking for a bag clip on some days. And the soft boundary needs explaining, like how the toilet paper isn’t an OK toy anymore because we don’t want to buy a new 24-roll-pack of toilet paper every day. When they were learning the new rule, we stacked up the toilet paper they had played with and used it anyway. This is a our guest bathroom. Is this strange for a guest bathroom?

Growing Up AustinBut I like that they can make something fun out of almost anything. I like the stories they come up with. I like that I don’t need to buy things with batteries to keep them entertained. It is just every day playing around the house with every day things. I like that everyday kind of fun and you sure can’t beat the price.




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  1. GloRamsey

    I love when I tell them that we don’t need to go somewhere to have fun they create their own place to have fun. Sometimes that place is every where. One day we had babies sleeping on every inch of our home. They all needed blankets and patting on the back.


    Carol Reply:

    I like the everyday kind of play the best. Going places is fun, but it’s nice to be able to find fun where you are.


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