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The other day, I said I would look for ideas for getting outside when it is so hot, and I found one – a Mini Hike.

Some people might take an hour or even half a day for a hike. Sparkles and I took twenty minutes.

We didn’t need special shoes or clothes because we didn’t walk more than  hundred feet past the parking lot. We picked the Turkey Creek trail, which has lots of shady spots. (Thanks to Lauren for the recommendation!) We brought tacos from Torchy’s and sat on a couple of rocks to eat our lunch.

Some might say that this doesn’t really count as a hike and some would say it isn’t worth the forty minutes of driving required, but I disagree.

When we sat on those rocks, there were no dishes to wash or babies to play with. Our routines and busy-ness were interrupted and we were really present with each other. Sparkles told me a long story about witches, spells, bears, princesses and a magic wand. It was a sweet moment that comes easier when you sit on rocks under the trees by a creek.

After a while, Sparkles lifted her dress and said “Oh, no,” as pee flowed down the rock and onto the ground.

Because she was focused on her story, she didn’t realize she had to go to the bathroom.

Because she was distracted by going to the bathroom, she dropped her taco.

Right on top of the pee.

OK, maybe this is a Mom-thing or maybe it’s just disturbing, but in less than 0.3 seconds, I reached for the scrambled eggs and picked them up off the flour tortilla with my hand. Got it!!! The pee hadn’t absorbed through the tortilla, the pee had mostly been absorbed by the dry ground instantly, and you don’t have to have the tortilla to eat the eggs. Sparkles’ lunch was saved!

That is my idea for getting outside in this heat. Keep it short. Sit in the shade. Share a moment. (And hold on to your taco.)

(Turkey Creek trail isn’t part of my Little Kids Hike! maps, but you can find more info on the City of Austin site or AustinExplorer.com.)

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  1. Mari

    Thanks! We are also looking for shady hiking place. Mayfield Park hiking is a great one. We also like Nature Center for hiking. Keep posting if you find more. Thanks-Mari


    Carol Reply:

    Mari – Thanks for the comment! I haven’t been to Mayfield Park with the girls and I haven’t been to the Nature Center at all! Thanks for the suggestions! – Carol


  2. Sydney

    Wow, super mom goes into nature and saves the day! Also, mildly disturbing…although maybe I will become less germaphobic with time lol 😉


    Carol Reply:

    At least I threw the tortilla away, right?


    Sydney Reply:

    Yes! Also, I can not judge without seeing the absorption rate into the ground…and away from the tortilla. Don’t feel bad, she has most likely eaten much worse and you avoided a meltdown I am sure! Supermom!!


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