Looks Like I’ve Been Robbed

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I’ll call her K. She shook her head a lot. Not in a mean way, in a kind but confused, it-is-good-you-knew-enough-to-ask-for-help kind of way.

We did pants, then shirts, then dresses. I pulled everything out of my closet and tried each item on, one-by-one. K commented, I considered her comments, then I put each item into the Donate, Keep or Maybe piles.

I wrote a post a while ago on my old blog about how I have a unique and powerful talent for buying clothes in the wrong size. I buy the wrong cut too, adding pounds and highlighting the wrong places and generally creating a confusing scene. If that weren’t enough, I can also be overly influenced by discounts so I end up with a closet full of ill-fitting clothes that I don’t even like.

K is very well put together. You know how I mean. The type who goes grocery shopping on a cold rainy day and looks amazing. Not in an over-done or super-expensive kind of way, she just looks good.

When we were done, K took the clothes from the Donate pile with her, because there is a Goodwill near her house and maybe more because she didn’t want me to change my mind and put everything back when she was gone.

44 items gone.

39 left.

Oh my, my closet makes it look like I’ve been robbed.

It feels good, though. I learned a lot. I will (hopefully) shop a little smarter and (hopefully) look a little better.

And, no, you can’t know who K is. She has a fancy day job and isn’t available.

But, if you could use some help too, try Michelle at Well Styled. Two of my friends have worked with her and they love her. They both say the same things: 1) They love getting dressed in the morning and 2) They ended up saving money because Michelle works with all price ranges (including Target and Savers) and they bought exactly the right things, getting the most out of every dollar.

It’s not so bad really, looking like I’ve been robbed. It will be fun to shop this year, a little at a time, finding my style and looking a little better. Thanks, K.

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  1. Some of my clients have done this! It’s an eye-opener, eh?


  2. Sydney

    I need this!


  3. Thanks for the mention. By the way, you did great! What you did takes guts. Try to transiton to the same colored hanger (looks like white may be the winner for you), it will make a HUGE difference.


  4. Jenny Booth

    Great blog post, Carol. My friend Jessie helped me ditch EIGHT BAGS of clothes a few months ago. Unfortunately I never replaced many and now live in BAD bad bad sweatpants. WIll hire Michelle as soon as I get my next job!


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