No Space Travel Required

Einstein might have been watching little kids when he came up with his ideas about relativity and time.

The little girls’ day care is half a mile from our house. I usually drive, since we head out for the afternoon after I pick them up. Some days, I get them from their classrooms, we walk to the car, get in the car seats and drive off.

5 minutes on a regular clock.

Then there are days like the other day.

I takes a while to find the baby Sparkles brought from home. Then Sparkles needs to hug all of her friends and both her teachers before she can leave. We finally get to Buttercup, who has just woken up from her nap and needs some snuggling. Then there is a note from the teacher that needs some explaining, something about a biting incident. Then I balance the lunch boxes, art work, notes and morning jackets in just two hands. After that, both girls need a drink of water at the fountain, which they fight over. Then Sparkles needs to go to the bathroom in the adult potty at the end of the hall, which is way more exciting than the little girl potty she in her classroom. Then they both start doing gymnastics on the railing on the accessibility ramp, which they know they aren’t supposed to do. I tell them ‘no,’ so they head back into the courtyard to run in circles around the big tree, which they are allowed to do on most days, but we are late today, so I tell them ‘no,’ and we head to the car. Sparkles is buckled in. Buttercup is buckled in.

“I have poop, Mommy!” Buttercup says proudly.

Back inside for a diaper change.

Back to the car.

55 minutes on a regular clock.

Relative time. No space travel required.





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  1. Torie

    We have those same time warp issues when its time to get out of the house!


    Carol Reply:

    I know! It is very hard to get anywhere at any exact time.


  2. Sydney

    The question is: can you tell what kind of a day it will be before you get there? The answer is no 🙁 perhaps with time travel…


    Carol Reply:

    No, there is no predicting how it will go.


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