Babies Nap on a Log, Mom Tries to Relax

Sparkles, Buttercup, their babies and I headed to Shoal Creek today in our red wagon. We found a spot along the creek and got out of the wagon to play. The girls took care of their babies, setting them down for naps on a fallen log and patting their backs until they fell asleep.

Buttercup is walking, but she hasn’t learned normal  boundaries for walking that older kids know, like you can’t walk straight into the creek because it looks interesting.

With two walking kids, there is a balance between sweet, simple joy and hard work, like the hard work of watching the both of them near water.

On the way home, Sparkles wants to walk on her own and she tends to veer into the street, needing lots of reminding to stay close to the grass. (Our neighborhood is and older one and doesn’t have sidewalks.) And Buttercup keeps dropping her baby, it is that dropping game that babies play. If I hold her baby she cries and if she holds the baby she drops it, over and over and over again.

So it takes a while to get home and it isn’t very relaxing, but we manage OK. I’ll remember the girls putting their babies to sleep on the log, patting their backs so sweet, for a while.

Find more information about Shoal Creek on Austin Kids Hike, this story is from a trail head not on the map, it is at Shoal Creek Blvd and Allandale Road.

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  1. joan

    Even little trips can be a good work-out with kids, hugh? Before I had kids, a friend jokingly called me a ‘wimpy-scrawny punk’. But after I had a baby, he said, ‘you’re not a wimply-scrawny punk anymore’.


  2. Michelle Barnes

    You described my day perfect, “a balance between sweet, simple joy and hard work.” It is my challenge everyday not to get caught in the ‘work’ and relish the joys.


  3. little girls and their dolls are so funny my 6 year old has so many dolls on her bed, it amazes me she can sleep!


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