Check Out those Butler Park Sidewalks

Growing Up Austin - Butler Park

I live in an older neighborhood without sidewalks. (Well, only some of the streets have sidewalks and on some streets only some of the houses have sidewalks. It’s very strange.) So I get excited about Butler Park near Lady Bird Lake. There are lots of wide, smooth sidewalks, perfect for my girls’ strollers, the wagon or bikes. There isn’t a ton of traffic and its a good pace for the little ones. Then there is Doug Sahm Hill, with sidewalks that curve all the way around the hill, to the top, where there is a concrete map of the state of Texas, benches and beautiful view of downtown. And there is more. There are turtles in a lake with piers and a splash pad for when it is hot. (Yes, it is definitely hot.) Check it out sometime, it is one of my favorite Austin outdoor spots.

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  1. Lynn

    Sounds delightful!


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