Call the Moving Van, I’m Ready to Pack (Maybe)

Growing Up Austin A while back (my girls are wearing jackets, so it must have been a long while back), the girls, some friends and I started hiking on the Hamilton Greenbelt, a regular-looking neighborhood greenbelt, when we turned the corner and saw this…

Growing Up Austin This creek and waterfalls and all the trees around them were right next to a row of houses, just outside their backyards. I decided we would probably move into one of those houses.

Then we crossed the creek, walked a bit further and saw tennis courts. I decided we would definitely move into one of those houses.

I LOVE creeks and waterfalls.

Blue Eyes LOVES tennis.

I nearly had our current house for sale using an iPhone app when we walked to the end of the block and out to the street.

The houses were old, run-down duplexes, rentals for sure. Then I looked closer at the tennis/basketball court and I saw there wasn’t a basketball net, then I looked again and there wasn’t a tennis net either. Then I remembered that the Hamilton Greenbelt was in Lakeway and Blue Eyes would have to commute 2-hours-a-day.

My plans to move are on hold for now, but we will be back to this greenbelt for sure. Thanks to Brian Greenstone for the info.

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  1. Sydney

    That’s close to where we are getting married. Also, you don’t seem to like your house very much.


    Carol Reply:

    Oh, nice! I like our house is some ways, like when we walk by 6 houses and we are at the park or when I drive to my new job that is 1.7 miles away. And it has a lot of natural light. I really like that.


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