That’s My Story

Carol M. Ramsey

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading, following and liking GrowingUpAustin for the past four years. I love Austin and I love your kids, even though we maybe haven’t meet. I hope the site has been helpful and maybe you’ll stop by now and then for the evergreen info about hiking, music and art in Austin with kids.

I’ve had two loves for a while, blogging and telling true, personal stories to a live audience. Blogging and I are separating ways (mostly) so I can focus on storytelling. Storytelling is writing, like blogging, but with the blogger and the readers in the same room, laughing together in real time and maybe sharing a hug after the show.

If you like my writing, I’d love if you would keep in touch. I’m working on a book proposal, so all the subscriptions and likes I can get would be very helpful and I’d love to tell you about the first chapter or two…

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  • Come see me in person at my next show, Listen to Your Mother, May 8 and 10. I have a serious storytelling-crush on Listen to Your Mother and this year’s cast has crazy talent and heart, while also being especially beautiful. Bring your Moms, Dads, siblings, extended family, kids (18+ ones), co-workers and friends. Y’all will all LOVE this show.

Thank y’all so much! I love you!


Carol M. Ramsey

Somewhere In There It Was a Little Funny

Well, all right, someone pointed out that I let everyone know about me telling a story about almost killing my Grandma at The Story Department, then I never followed up. Well, it turned out just fine, if I’m not being too perfect about it. I was feeling nervous, so I wrote the first sentence on my hand and you know what happened then, right? I forgot the second sentence. Ouch. But, I recovered and now I have a funny story I can share in my storytelling class. Then there is the video quality. Maybe I can call it performance art and say the dark images are an expression of my hidden emotions of stories untold, but really, the place is just dark and I don’t have any special lighting equipment. Somewhere in there, though, it is a little funny. If you are willing to take a chance, check it out, starting at 2:18, and let me know what you think.

I Have Totally Been Cheating on Y’all

Yes, there is another man writing project. I may have seemed distant, not really engaged and hardly ever posting.

The truth is, I have been storytelling.

Not ghost stories by the campfire, but true, personal stories told in front of a live audience, like The Moth. I told my favorite story the other day, with The Story Department, mostly about my breasts. That is a bit much to put out on the Internet, especially when I am looking for a proper day job, but here it goes anyway.

I’m going to try to see both of y’all, even though that hardly ever works out. I’ll let y’all know when I tell my next story. Maybe the two worlds will merge one day.

Hope to see you soon,