Carol, Is That You? Are You There?

Riiiinnnngggg….. Riiiinnngggg… Riiinnngggg….

It takes me a few seconds to wake up.

It takes me a few more seconds to realize I’m in church.

And a few more seconds than that to realize that’s my phone.

But I’m still in a daze, so I don’t remember how to silence my phone. I try to turn it on vibrate, but that doesn’t silence the phone when a call has already started ringing. So I panic and just start pushing buttons.


It is quiet.

“Carol, is that you? Are you there?” I hear my friend say, as if I’m still in a dream.

It takes me a few seconds to realize I’m still awake.

And a few more seconds than that to realize that I got my phone to stop ringing by answering the call. And my friend is talking to me and all the people near me who are trying to listen to the service.

So I panic again and hang up on her.

So she calls back.

It was a tough morning.

This morning reminded me of a Work-Life Balance session at a Women in Technology conference I attended about ten years ago. One of the women on the panel was a Vice President of a Fortune 500 technology company. She also had kids and she was a single Mom. The women in the audience were in awe of her balance, until someone asked a few specific questions and she divulged her secret. She slept only 4-5 hours a night. Ouch.

I am not that bad at all and I’m also not a Vice President or a single Mom, but it is true that I don’t get enough sleep. I just can’t figure out how to get it all done and still get the sleep I need. Each day isn’t that bad, but the little bits of sleepiness accumulate in my system and Sundays I’m the most tired and sometimes I fall asleep in church. Which isn’t as embarrassing when I remember to put my phone on vibrate before the service starts. But even then, I imagine I would get more out of service if I stayed awake. I don’t have any answers for this one. Just thought I would share.

P.S. I’m writing this post at 9:40 pm, which is when I should be in bed to get the eight hours of sleep I need, but I’m writing the post about how I don’t get enough sleep instead. Hmmmmmm……

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  1. Becky

    was it during the moment of silence because that one is sooooo hard for folks to forgive?


  2. Reyna

    I think many working mothers experience this very often. Even if I do get to bed at a decent hour, there’s still too much going on in this brain of mine to get a good night’s rest. To those lucky ones that have found the perfect balance and manage to get their beauty rest, more power to ya!


  3. Becky – Oh, my, it wasn’t during the moment of silence. No, I think it was the sermon. Is that better or worse?

    Reyna – I agree, my mind is so full, sometimes I can’t get to sleep even when I’m tired.


  4. Sydney

    Well, sometimes you just have to laugh though. This is a great story! On a side note, I need more sleep and don’t have kids. I am with you on the work/life balance, but think I should cut out the work…hmmn, then there will be a cash/life deficit. I guess you just can’t win this one.


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