Crazy Kid Dancing Wins Over Drama, Heartache and Tears

We just needed to get out of the house. It wasn’t going well with the little girls.

Drama. Heartache. Tears. Drama. Heartache. Tears. Drama.

Sometimes a day will have a personality of its own and sometimes it’s a sad and grumpy one. Sometimes it helps to get in the car and go somewhere, just to break any patterns that have taken hold. Sometimes we are all in the car and on the road before we even know where we are going.

On a recent Saturday afternoon, we ended up at the Austin Children’s Museum. They have a cool exhibit there now with a hundred different things you can do with ping pong balls. The girls liked that, but they loved the old standards too, the kitchen, the train and the art room where they get to cut with real scissors. Sometimes I think all the museum needs to have is real scissors and they would be happy.

It was about 5:00 and we didn’t have a of food at home for dinner, but the cool thing about downtown is that Guero’s is downtown. There wasn’t a wait, the shrimp fajitas were very yummy and their house margarita is my favorite of all time.

After that, Sparkles and Blue Eyes went to Amy’s Ice Creams for dessert. Buttercup didn’t eat a good dinner, so no Amy’s for her, we went walking around instead. Here we are trying on boots at Allen’s Boots. SO CUTE! These may not be very practical, but her birthday is coming up…

Well, it that wasn’t enough, we met back up at Guerro’s to go home, but there was live music at Guerro’s Garden Stage.

Early show. Outdoors. Free. All ages (1-90). Oh, my.

The only thing is that no one was dancing. Everyone was listening quietly and politely from their picnic table benches. I just don’t get that.

Sparkles and I ran to the front of the stage and started dancing.

Crazy kid dancing.

Running in circles, arms high in the air, lots of twirls.

Then Sparkles asked some other kids to dance, then some of their parents danced too. Buttercup got into it and after a while, the dance floor was full of Crazy Kid Dancing.

The band was Bonneville County Pine Box, they were country, bluegrass and/or pop. They were pretty fun.

I checked out the schedule for Guerro’s Garden Stage. They have shows at 6:30 on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays and at 3:00pm on Sunday afternoons. These are great times for kids. We will definitely be back!

The day’s personality had definitely changed for the better. I think the change of scenery helped everyone and it’s hard to be sad and grumpy when you are Crazy Kid Dancing.  Thanks Buttercup, Sparkles and Blue Eyes. Thanks Bonneville County Pine Box. Thanks, Austin, Texas.

Oh, and I have a new idea. For a limited time, when I write about local Austin businesses, if you leave a comment, you will be entered to win a Go Local card that gets you great discounts around town. Enter before Friday, February 11th, one comment per person. Yeah!

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  1. Heidi

    I didn’t know about Guerro’s Garden Stage. I’ll have to check that out!


  2. Jessica

    I hope you bought those boots! They are amazing!


  3. Sydney

    Did the girls make a mess this time? Guerros is very good…thanks for reminding me to stop in!!


  4. Bob Teasdale

    got this link from my brother who sings and writes and plays with Bonneville County Pine Box….glad you liked them, I love their music. Austin will always be home to me, despite my having “retired” to the panhandle of Florida. Glad there are Austinites who spread the word about how great a place it is. Thanks,


  5. […] has won the Go Local card from last week’s post! Thanks for yall’s comments! // Share| This entry was written by Carol, posted on […]

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