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Sometimes, my family ends up somewhere with live music and the kids dance all night long, in circles, jumping up and down and smiling. Other times, we end up a semi-healthy, fast-foodish place, because it takes time to find the special live music and dancing, when you are having enough trouble finding shoes for everybody and getting out the door.

I want to make it easier to find the special live music and dancing.


Did you know that Artz Rib House has live music seven days a week at dinner time and they like having our kids around? Did you know there are a dozen live shows on Sunday, all in kid-friendly venues, just about every hour from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm? There are free festivals too, like the Gypsy Picnic this weekend, with trailer foods to sample and kid’s activities to go along with the live music. makes it easy. It provides calendars, maps and descriptions of grown-up live music in kid-friendly venues. In just a few clicks, you have all the information you need to dance the night away. Check it out today! (Yes, there are options even on a Monday night!)

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  1. Great idea Carol. At least 50% of my family loves to dance, myself and the lil’ boy. The girl and the husband can sit on the sidelines while we rip up the carpet, or…cut a rug…however that saying goes.


    Carol Reply:

    Ah, thanks! I like ‘rip up the carpet.’ I might start using that.


  2. Kellena

    Don’t forget The Oasis! The Starlight Lounge is made for family dancing. My kids have grown up dancing to the music of The Brew.


    Carol Reply:

    Thanks for the idea! I’ll check it out!


  3. Gloria Ramsey

    I love dancing with the kids. It seems like the only point is to laugh and have fun and just forget how many people are looking at you. We were dancing at Nutty Brown on Sunday in line to wait for balloon animals. Smiles surrounded us. After all how often do you see a crazy old lady and two little girls cutt’n a rug.


  4. Lefty Mama

    Great list! We also love the Monday dinner jazz/swing show at Quality Seafood on Airport. It’s a total pre-schooler dance party, with the bonus of delicious supper options.


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