Dear Anita Perry, What About Stay at Home Moms?

Anita Perry(This is another post about the Texas Conference for Women that I attended last week. Anita Perry started this conference and has made it happen for twelve years. I sent her this letter with a suggestion for improving the conference next year.)

Dear Anita Perry,

I recently attended the Texas Conference for Women and it was an engaging and valuable experience. I especially enjoyed Karen Walrond, Shannon Buggs and Gina Otto’s stories during the Second Acts session in the morning. The most valuable part of the conference was meeting other women. I look forward to the phone calls and emails that will follow.

I do have one complaint, though. While the sessions and speakers were diverse in many ways, there was one type of woman that was not represented – the Stay at Home Mom.  I couldn’t find one speaker who was a SAHM or one session related to SAHMs. This role is equally, if not more, valuable to society than any career outside the home. The challenges faced by SAHMs are equally, if not more, worthy of discussion than those faced by working women. Some of the most inspirational women I know are SAHMs.

I understand that the conference is promoted through women’s organizations and SAHMs may not be organized in the same way. I also understand that women who are professional speakers don’t tend to also be SAHMs. But, I believe the conference should serve all Texas women and SAHMs are an important part of that. Blogs are a great resource for SAHMs and an effective way to connect with potential speakers and attendees. A Good Life and Enjoying the Small Things are a few of my favorites.

I wrote about the conference on my blog, about how I was inspired and how it could be better (this post).

Thank you the work you do for this conference and thank you for listening.


Carol Ramsey
Part-time Software Project Manager
Part-time Stay-at-Home-Mom
Blogger at

UPDATE: Anita Perry’s Chief of Staff replied to my letter and said the Texas Conference for Women would love to have some sessions on topics for Stay at Home Moms. I sent her some possible topics, descriptions and speakers (authors and bloggers!). If you have ideas too, email them to The 2012 conference is in Austin instead of Houston, so maybe we can all meet there!)


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  1. Yeni W

    good job! You are right, Stay at home mom are not equally represented in many aspects or as professionals. They are the driving force behind good manner kids, loving healthy families and that more than anything contributes to society as a whole.


    Carol Reply:

    One thing I love about being a Mom now is that there are different options and roles available that work for different families. Stay-At-Home-Moms are one of those options and sometimes they aren’t represented as well.


  2. Clare

    Thanks very much for this, Carol. I have actually had someone ask me, “What do you DO all day?” Another implied that a SAHM mom she knew (not me) should surely be able to make time to help her, a working mom.

    Each family must discover what makes it run best. For us, it means me being a SAHM. I’d go on, but I think you get it. 😉


    Carol Reply:

    Some feminists think that equality means all women should work. I think it means all families should have choices. The SAHM choice is a valuable part of that. And I must say that my SAHM time is more busy than my work time. When Monday morning comes around and I go to work, I get to relax a little!


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