Double Smack Down at EZ’s


I took Noel, Sparkles and Buttercup to EZ’s for a quick dinner, so we would have time for some birthday shopping for Blue Eyes mid-week. We were eating our dinner when a tall, well-built man came to our table and he said something like,

“This is too much. Just too much. Please control your child. My wife and I are leaving now, but I think everyone in this restaurant would agree that your child is screaming and you really need to do something about it.”

Oh, @#$@#$#.

We have a tradition at dinner where everyone says one good thing and one bad thing about their day. Buttercup has a hard time waiting for her turn. At home, if she is talking and it isn’t her turn, we ignore her. Then she gives up and waits.

I was ignoring her out out of habit. Sparkles was taking forever to say her good thing, savoring her turn to talk, speaking slowly and adding lots of specific detail. So Buttercup raised her voice, until she was screaming “My bad thing! My bad thing! My bad thing!” over and over.

Tuning out your screaming child is a valuable Mom skill, but it is best practiced at home and not in public.

I agreed with the man that this was very annoying. Buttercup calmed down, mostly because the man made her forget why she was mad, and we finished our dinner.

As we were leaving, there was another tall, well-built man standing next to our minivan in the parking lot. As I approached, he was glaring at me and he said something like,

“Why did you park so close? You could have hit my car!”

I was pretty proud of the parking job, actually. Noel had done it.  Noel had taken driver’s ed and had been driving with Blue Eyes and I for a while. Blue Eyes and I decided that, instead of limiting her driving, we would have her drive as much as possible. That feels safer, to have her more experienced, before she is driving on her own, in more complicated situations.

My right-side bumper is dented from the first time Noel tried to park the minivan in between two cars in a restaurant parking lot.  That was followed by minivan parking practice in empty lots. As we pulled into the EZ’s parking lot, there was a tight parking space on the left and a row of empty spaces on the right. Noel pulled into the tight space, confidently, right down the middle.

I thought that was pretty cool. As I got out on the passenger side, I had to do that sideways move with my hips, but it wasn’t too bad. It was so tight because the other car was parked on the line.

As we were driving away, I realized why he was so mad.

Oh, @#$@#$# again.

He couldn’t get in his driver’s side door. (I guess he didn’t know about the sideways hip move.) He had been waiting in the parking lot for us to finish dinner so we would move our car. It must have been annoying that we parked in such a tight space when there were so many empty spaces.

I had managed to piss of people inside and outside of EZ’s in just one night.

Oh, @#$@#$#. I hope I do less damage tomorrow.

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  1. Pam Quackenbush

    Hilarious, Carol!! I’m afraid I wouldn’t have left E-Z’s without saying something I’d regret.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Pam! It was a crazy night. Buttercup just turned four, so I’m sure nothing like this will happen again, right?


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