Everything Important Is OK

There isn’t anything else quite like it, the instant that you know – I’m going to have a car accident.

I was by myself, driving south on Airport Blvd, in the rain, in the left lane.

In the next instant, there was a car directly in front of me.

He came from no where, no blinker, no transition to my lane, no warning.

I was going full speed.

He was braking.

There was no where else to go.

I braked.


It wasn’t hard enough.

I hit his car.

He pulled away some.

Then he braked again.

I hit him again.

I was on his bumper, pushing him forward, when we both finally came to a stop.

Then I saw what he wanted.

He had cut over and stopped fast so he could turn left.

He turned left and sped off.

#$% $#$%#$%#$%@#$@#$@@. You don’t #$%#%$% do that #%$%. A #$@ #$@# left turn? Really? That was so @#$ #$% important?

I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a Dad. Moms and Dads don’t do that $#%#. They know what is important and it isn’t a @#$  %$## left turn. (This might not be true, but I like to think it anyway.)

My car was mostly OK. I got to where I was going. I know what is important. Everything important is OK too.

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  1. Babs

    sorry, carol. you didn’t deserve that stress!!!


    Carol Reply:

    Ah, thanks! It freaked me out for a few hours. I’m all good now.


  2. Sydney

    Yuck!…someone rear ended my work car a couple weeks ago. I saw it all happening in my rear view. He was going too fast and I was stuck in stopped traffic. He tried to brake, then tried to swerve, then crash. Watching practically gave me PTSD. I’m very paranoid now! Plus he didn’t have a license or insurance and totaled his car. There are a lot of @$& @&$!? out there these days.


    Carol Reply:

    Oh, no! I’m sorry! I hope you are OK!


    Sydney Reply:

    Oh I’m fine, glad you are too!


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