Everything You Wanted to Know, About Lithuania (More of Less)

Growing Up Austin - A Lithuanian Story all the way from Texas

When I introduced this series of Lithuanian posts (on a family blog about hiking, music and art in Austin?!??!), I asked readers to let me know what you wanted to know about students in my classes. I answered some questions in previous posts and combined other questions into these two. The students were excited to let people know more about Lithuania. They have great pride and love for their country. Here are highlights of their answers.

What is your favorite Lithuanian food?

  • Lithuanian Curd – Loose cottage cheese with sour cream, chopped garlic and salt, eaten with boiled potatoes
  • Vegetables
  • Cepelinai Dumplings – Dumplings with minced beef and onions inside, steamed in a special pot
  • Chocolate
  • Everything made by my Mom
  • Soup of Bread and Water – Chunks of very dense Lithuanian black bread and put in water with a little sugar. (During difficult times, some people relied on this soup.)

What do you wish people outside of Lithuania knew about Lithuania?

  • The capital of Lithuania is NOT Riga! Latvia and Lithuania are different countries! (Riga is the capital of Latvia.)
  • The most beautiful women in the world are in Lithuania.
  • Lithuanians are industrious and hard working. The show great hospitality and creativity. The focus more on the needs of the country instead of the needs of individuals.
  • Lithuanians are problem solvers. A man from a small village can make a fake wooden tooth by himself, he doesn’t need a dentist.
  • Lithuania is made of four different regions, each with a somewhat different culture and different dialect of the Lithuanian language.
  • Lithuania has beautiful and amazing nature, with rolling green fields, tall, dense forests and the Baltic coast. I love this country.

Thanks for hanging out with me for this set of posts. What is coming up next for Growing Up Austin? I can’t say for sure right now. Stay tuned to find out more…

Growing Up Austin - A Lithuanian Story All the Way From TexasWelcome to a special series on GrowingUpAustin.com, A Lithuanian Story – All the Way From Texas. I am traveling to Lithuania this summer to teach storytelling at A.P.P.L.E., an education conference that I first taught at almost twenty years ago. The new conference is fully of mystery and adventure. The first conference gave me stories I have been telling ever since. So, I decided to write about the trips here. If you have just joined, here is a summary of the posts. I’ll return to writing about hiking, live music and art for Austin kids when I get back in July. Information is always available at AustinKidsHike.com (hiking), AustinKidsDance.com (live music) and AustinKidsDraw.com (art).

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