Fredericksburg, the Other True Story

I lost my #$%#$%#$%#$% wallet and Enchanted #$%#$%#$%#%$@# Rock.

The surprise 1-day, back-to-back trips with my girls were logistically complicated.
– I packed for both girls on the first day and left most things at the hotel when I did the switch in Austin.
– I had to remember a few things that Buttercup needed that should to stay in Austin on the first night, but be in Fredericksburg the second night.
– Same thing for Sparkles, in reverse.
And I was switching my wallet, keys and sunglasses between my purse, the diaper bag and backpack, several times a day, depending on what we were doing.

A rooster woke up Sparkles and me on the first morning at 5:30 am, which was not funny. So I thought the rooster would do the same thing on the second morning, so I didn’t set an alarm, but it didn’t. (Where did the rooster go? Maybe a hotel guest took the rooster out? I wonder still.) So Buttercup and I slept in super late, then I forgot to get gas before heading to Enchanted Rock. My Gas Empty light went on about 2/3rds into a 25-minute drive, along a stretch of hilly, country road without a single gas station. I probably could have made it to the park and back, but I went with the less risky option and went back to town for gas, then back to the park. So now, we were running late and I was getting anxious so when I moved my wallet to my backpack, I didn’t close the zipper all the way.

While I’m smart in other ways, I have a unique talent for losing my keys/wallet/sunglasses.

So, the trips weren’t all joyful, and I thought a few times that a spa getaway for one would have also been nice, but I think Mom-kid adventures just are this way by nature. They are a bittersweet mix of precious delight and logistics/tantrums/chaos. I tend to step into the logistics/tantrums/chaos more than I’m comfortable with, but it is what I chose to do.

I try to remember that choice when I’m looking for my #$%#$%#$% wallet. 🙂

UPDATE: I try to keep posts short, but sometimes I leave out something important. I found my wallet that day before leaving the park. That is a picture of it at the top of the post. Yeah!

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  1. Sydney

    That’s a very funny alternate ending, I like both versions. I am glad you found your wallet….the way things tend to go you would not have found it if you waited for the gas! Lucky 🙂


    Carol Reply:

    Yeah, it was lucky. I had to pay for something at the ranger station on the way out, which is why I noticed my wallet was missing before driving back to Austin. AND, my wallet was in the parking lot and not on the top of Enchanted Rock. It was one of my better wallet-loss-experiences.


  2. I’m pretty sure logistics are the key to the universe.
    Wiley recently posted..Nebulize the blues away…


    Carol Reply:

    I agree. They are boring and tedious, but when they work it is like magic and when they don’t it can change everything.


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