Gang of Cat Lovers

I had a friend in San Francisco who said the test of a good city is The Baby Test. If you bring your baby to the grocery store and a stranger walks up to you and starts talking with your baby and telling you how cute she is,  are you more likely to be suspicious or friendly?

He had lived in places where being friendly to a baby was met with suspicion and he didn’t want to live in a city like that anymore. San Francisco passed The Baby Test.

Austin definitely passes The Baby Test. It also passes the Are You Willing To Open the Door Test.

I was making dinner and the girls were playing when someone knocked at the door. I look out our window and see a young man wearing funky clothes and I’m not sure if that is how gangs dress of if that is what the style is now. I wonder if gangs are super mad for having their look stolen by mainstream America. Maybe they will start wearing Polo shirts to stand out.

My reaction is more friendly than suspicious, so I open the door. He says he lost his black cat and he sees a black cat in our yard and it looks like his. He is pretty sad. His friend is over by the cat and his other friend is in the car. They are out together causing trouble in the streets, uh, I mean, looking for his cat.

I tell him no, that is our cat, Fox. He isn’t wearing a collar because we buy the Snap-Free collars that break if they are stressed and Fox breaks them in about a week every time. The young man looks disappointed. He said he knew that was probably right, his cat was a little skinnier, but they really look alike. I tell him I hope he finds his cat. He says thanks.

Yeah, Austin passes the Are You Willing to Open the Door Test. I know bad things happen here, but I think that is pretty rare and I feel safe. I love this town.

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