Growing Up Austin Greatest Hits #1

(I’m not writing any new posts now, because I’m busy working on the next Great Big Surprise for This series highlights my favorite posts of the past few years.)

For the first in the Growing Up Austin Greatest Hits Series, I picked Tom Sawyer on Shoal Creek, the very first post on Growing Up Austin, in September of 2009. It doesn’t seem like much of an introductory post, because I blogged for a few months before I told people I was blogging. I wanted to experiment with my style and some new ideas before going live. I told one person about it, M., my Ideal Reader, who gave me valuable feedback that changed the tone and direction of the blog forever. I didn’t have the ideas for, or back then, but I like that the first post is about hiking. It seems like foreshadowing, a sign of things to come.

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