Bull Creek

If fell in love with Bull Creek when hanging out at the park just off 2222 and Lakewood Drive. The high cliff walls overlooking the creek are dramatic and beautiful and I think the park should be in the movies. I didn’t know until later that there is a trail head on the north side of the park that leads to several miles of trail, mostly near and along Spicewood Springs Road. The trail is less crowded than Barton Creek and Shoal Creek and there aren’t as many runners or bikers on this trail. That would be great news, but it is also isn’t stroller friendly, so won’t work for everyone. If your kids like water, Bull Creek has water all the time, with good spots for wading or swimming. Bring water shoes or a swim suit on a hot day.

If you hike Bull Creek, leave a comment below with what you liked or tips for other hikers. I would love to hear your story!

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  1. Kellena

    I used to go to Bull Creek Park all of the time! I had no idea that the trails went that far!


    Carol Reply:

    Me too! We picnicked at Bull Creek park a bunch of times before I knew about the trail head at the north end of the park.


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