My Very Favorite – Barton Creek #2

Barton CreekThis trail head is one of my favorites because, well, it was my first. When I came to the University of Texas in 1993, during my first Fall semester, I hiked Barton Creek from this trail head on a warm, sunny Saturday morning. That was eighteen years ago and I still remember that hike and being amazed by Austin’s beauty and being especially in awe of the part of the creek that passes under Mopac, with its dramatic contrast of city and nature. I love that contrast, because I’m a city girl who loves a hike and I had a feeling then that I might never leave.

There are sections of the trail at this trail head that don’t allow bikers. They have wooden gate-like-things on both ends of the section that bikers can’t get through. These parts of the trail are great for the little ones. See 2/2011 post.

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