My Very Favorite – Bull Creek #9

Bull Creek Austin TexasBull Creek Park is one of my favorite places for a middle-of-the-week picnic. With my little ones, I can bring any kind of food and a blanket, call it a picnic and they are instantly happy. It is something about the blanket. Even though Bull Creek park has picnic tables, I still bring the blanket.

Bull Creek always has water and the water is shallow at the park. It is fun to bring water shoes for the kids and wade around with them. There are rocks to climb and benches that act as balance beams. There is a sand volleyball pit which doubles as a sand box, if there aren’t adults playing. There isn’t a play ground, which I like some of the time, because my kids are free to use their imagination, with sticks and rocks and dirt, in mostly non-dangerous ways. The trail at the north end of the park is just a few hundred yards before it merges with the road for a stretch, and it isn’t a good road for kids. But when you combine the short hike on the trail with all the other fun parts of this park, it makes for a pretty great day outdoors.

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  1. Bryony Gomez-Palacio

    Yesterday’s visit to this little hike was the best. The girls would not leave, having played with the water, under the big tree, along the hike, all over the big rock and back to the trees only to end up in heaven when they discovered the sand in the volleyball court. We were even late for dinner…


    Carol Reply:

    I like that this is a large park without a playground. Playgrounds are great, but it’s cool that sometimes they are left with nature to play with – sticks, rocks, leaves – climbing, running and dancing – just the basics. I love that!


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