My Very Favorites – Shoal Creek #5

Shoal Creek hiking with kidsLamar at 31st street is a busy street and if you drive by fast, you might not notice the trail head sign. From the sidewalk at street level, the trail heads downward, with a limestone cliff rising on your left and the creek on your right. After walking about two minutes, you can’t see the street or the city at all anymore and you are surrounded by trees and water. I feel like I should have had to drive at least two hours to find such a pretty place, but I don’t and I love that.

There is only street parking for this trail head and there isn’t that much of it. Be careful, you can’t park on the south side of the street. I can tell you from experience that they do give tickets! Be careful of school times, since St. Andrew’s private school is on this street and the drop-off and pick-up times can get very busy. It is worth the extra parking effort, though. It is a beautiful trail. See 1/2011 post and 9/2011 post.

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  1. Loren

    Is Shoal creek stroller friendly throughout? I found that Barton Creek Greenbelt is not—at least not where I was. Thank you.


    Carol Reply:

    Loren – Thanks for the comment! Shoal Creek is only stroller friendly in parts. If you check each trail head I mention, it will say if it is stroller friendly or not. Pease Park is a good place to try. By the way, this blog isn’t active anymore. I hope you enjoy the info, but I blog now at Enjoy your hikes!- Carol


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