He Gunna Fall

Buttercup was a little worried.

“He OK, Mommy?” she asked. “He gunna fall.”

I talk to Sparkles and Buttercup using vocabulary they don’t understand because they figure it out. I told them about the ropes and belts and the bolts coming out from the rock to clip onto. It was something to get your head around, if you knew the effects of gravity from falling out of a chair and the cliff wall was waaaaayyyyy taller than a chair.

Do you know how you usually walk, putting one foot in front of the other, without thinking about it at all? I like hiking on the trails and along the bed of Barton Creek because the ground is uneven, there are rocks and roots and twigs and boulders and you have to pay attention. You have to be there in the moment and think about simple things like how to put each foot in front of the other to get from one boulder to the next.

Don’t worry, Butttercup, he’s not going to fall and neither are we.

Find more information about Barton Creek on Austin Kids Hike, this story is from Trail Head #2.

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  1. Sydney

    To be fair, he may actually fall. I mean, most likely it will be fine, but it could happen and that would be bad…


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