How To Drive To School ln Two Cars and Four Trips

Growing Up Austin
This is Blue Eyes and I driving Buttercup to school the other day…
1. It’s time to go and we can’t find Buttercup.
2. We find her in the car, in her booster seat.
3. We realize neither of us made her lunch. I go inside and make a quick lunch.
4. Blue Eyes heads off with Buttercup.
5. Just when they are too far away for me to call them back, I see the Teacher Appreciation Day flowers still waiting by the door.
6. I get in my car and follow them to the day care, with flowers in tow.
7. I’m almost there when I get a call from Blue Eyes. Buttercup isn’t wearing shoes.
8. I drive back to the house to get her shoes.
9. I drive back to the day care.
10. Blue Eyes and I meet in the day care parking lot. I put on Buttercup’s shoes and carry her and the flowers into the day care.
11. Just when Blue Eyes is too far away for me to call him back, I realize Buttercup’s lunch is still in his car .

Later that day, as I’m walking into Buttercup’s room at the day care, the kids are getting their lunches out of the fridge. Buttercup is telling her teacher, in a sad and worried voice, “My Mommy didn’t bring mine, I don’t have any food.” I clear my throat. She turns around and sees me with a lunch bag in my hands. She smiles an enormous smile and runs to give me a hug. I stay for lunch and we have a sweet time.

Maybe it is all the bad news lately, but I can’t get worked up about a forgotten lunch these days, even if it happens twice.

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