Update on “Hang On To Your Auditorium Shores Plans, Wait for an Update!”

UPDATE: SXSW has confirmed Saturday afternoon shows for SXSW, starting at 2:00pm. Check the web site for more details.

My original Top 5 Kid-Friendly SXSW Events post recommended Auditorium Shores on Saturday afternoon. This has been a regular event for several years, but at this time, no bands are confirmed for the afternoon and there is a small chance the afternoon shows won’t happen. (The Thursday, Friday and Saturday night shows at Auditorium Shores are confirmed.) So, hang on to that thought, I’ll post an update when SXSW confirms their plans. For now, I updated the post with another recommendation. Please check out the new post and the new #4! I think you will love it!

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  1. Michelle B

    Carol, thanks so much for doing all the research for us Moms! We are trying to get to town to enjoy a little SXSW flavor.


    Carol Reply:

    Ah, thanks! It has taken a while to sort it out, but I hope it helps and you get to see a show!


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