I'm Mad for SoCo

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It is horrible how I think sometimes. I live on the edge between doing everything I ever wanted to do and going nuts because I’m trying to do everything I’ve ever wanted to do. I swear, about every other month, I get so excited about things I want to do that I think that I can stay up late or wake up early and get them all done so I try it and then I crash and burn because I’m 42 and I have three kids and I’m too old to function properly and still be nice to people when I don’t get enough sleep…

It is better than being bored I guess.

So, I hear from an old family friend on Facebook and instead of writing back with a simple note about where I live and what my family is like, I think – Hey, what if me an my sister and her and her sister meet in Austin and hang out for the weekend together and our husbands can watch the kids and we could stay at the San Jose Hotel on South Congress and shop at Uncommon Objects, try on crazy outfits at Lucy in Disguise and drink too much wine at South Congress Cafe!

The only good news is that I don’t actually try to plan that weekend. I smile. It makes me laugh a little. I have so much. Ideas are good, but too many ideas isn’t fun anymore . There is something sweet and simple about a regular day at home and I want to remember that and live that. Holy cow, I’m not even home from this trip yet.

But, maybe I could plan that weekend if I stay up late tonight…

No, just kidding.

Did I tell you the funniest part of my trip? Bringing my breast milk to the conference center each morning and walking back into the catering kitchen to put my milk in the industrial freezer next to the mayonnaise. I’m not sure why, but that made me laugh.

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