I’m Trying To Read Your Mind (Plus Giveaways)

It is hard for me to get an idea of what you are thinking when you read what I write, being that I’m on this end of my laptop and you somewhere else, at some other time. So, can you help me out? If you have a favorite post or two, can you use the Search option on the right of the screen to find them and leave comments? If there is a kind of post you don’t like as much, leave a comment there too. The comments don’t have to be long or fancy, they can be a few simple words. I just want to know what you like!

To show my appreciation for your time, each of the comments from now until midnight on Friday will enter you in a drawing for an amazing giveaway package including a super cute t-shirt…

… a $10 gift certificate to yummy, yummy Austin Java‚Ķ

… and a Go Local discount card, worth $10, that gets you discounts at dozens of great local businesses.

Austin Go Local

The more comments you leave, the more often you will be entered. There is a (sort-of) new rating option too, so you can leave a star rating while you are there. I appreciate the feedback very much!

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  1. Katie

    I tried to leave a comment on my all-time favorite post (Which is harder, rock or concrete), but it says it’s closed to comments.
    Also, I don’t always read carefully and typed my search terms in to the ‘subscribe’ box at the top.
    And then, after I did that, I realized that subscribe isn’t spelled right on that box.
    Does this count as three? ;^)


  2. Yes, that counts as 3!
    I checked that post, it was closed for comments for some reason. I don’t remember doing that and the other posts are OK. Strange.
    Thanks for the typo! That has been there forever and I never noticed it!


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