Is 30 The Wrong Answer?

I’m filling out the paperwork for a new doctor and I get to the part about “Alcohol – Times Per Month?”

Is 30 the wrong answer?Well, y’all already know that I curse, so you might as well know that I drink too.

It’s not like I’m not hiding a flask in the diaper bag sneaking gulps when the kids aren’t looking.

But I do enjoy a glass of wine after the kids are in bed. (And just some times a vodka tonic.) I buy wine at the grocery store each week, the same as milk and bread. 30 times a month is an exaggeration, it is probably more like 20 or 27. I keep the bottle of wine on the counter, which I didn’t think was odd, until just now, as I write this, but I guess I do this so it will be easier to reach in case of emergency.

Next question.

“How many drinks?”

Well, I’m glad for this question. Maybe now I won’t trigger some kind of social worker intervention at the doctor’s office.

One. Every now and then two, but mostly one. Except the other night when I had three and got tipsy, which was funny for Blue Eyes or at least he said it was funny, but mostly one.

My Portuguese Grandma would say this is how it should be. A glass of wine is good for the heart, a natural and healthy habit that will help you live a really long time. And she would know, she is 95. So tonight, with the kids  asleep and my glass of wine at my side,  I will say a prayer for my Grandma, my kids, Blue Eyes and a long life for us all.

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  1. Sydney

    I love it! No social work intervention needed!


  2. Jenna

    I think 30 is just right. I can’t even remember what red wine tastes like. 🙂


  3. Kellena

    JUST 30?! I’m pretty sure that wine was invented to give us patience for our children. If hamsters could drink, they wouldn’t eat their young.


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