Is Grorried a Word?

(All our kids are doing great! I have to say that, even though it tells the ending at the beginning, but my family wouldn’t appreciate the suspense!)

Do you ever feel deeply grateful and very worried at the same time about the same thing?

Last month, Sparkles had an emergency room visit (thank you, Dell Children’s, for the wagons!), followed later in the week with minor surgery and wound care, because of a sore that got infected.

When we were in the emergency room, three kids came in from a car accident and doctors and nurses rushed about, in that urgent kind of way. Being in the emergency room brings to mind all kinds of reasons why a child might be there and I knew Sparkles’ situation was temporary and not serious. I was grateful to have such healthy girls.

In the surgeon’s office later in the week, the surgeon explained how Sparkles would be put under, all the way under, completely asleep, so the sore could be drained. Maybe this was the most minor surgery out of all surgeries, maybe the surgeon could have done it his first day after college graduation, after a few beers, but there is something unnerving about any kind of surgery for your baby girl. I worried. I wanted to hold her all day long, even during the surgery, which is apparently against the rules.

All is well now. The wound has healed and we are back to a regular routine. That is just part of the parenting journey I think, the ebb and flow of gratefulness and worry, hopefully being grateful more of the time.  I’m grateful for the wagons, the doctors, the Grandparents and most of all for Sparkles, who was tough-as-nails, pulling off the gauze and tape by herself by the end. Today is a day to be grateful. Amen.

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  1. Glad to hear the recovery is well under way. I think Dell Children’s rocks. In fact, I even go out of my way to go there when no-one is sick to play with the art installations. I mean to let my daughter play with them 😉

    I wonder if it gets any less scary the 11th time they go to hospital?


  2. Oh, my 11th? I hope I don’t find out, but we’ve been there several times already…


  3. […] Dr. Park, the anesthesiologist, introduced himself. Blue Eyes said, “No need for introductions, we know you from two months ago when one of our other daughters had surgery“. […]

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