It Was All Pretty AMAZING

I picked up Sparkles from day care just before lunch. I told her we were going on a surprise trip, just the two of us. She thought that was just about the most exciting idea she every heard.

Sparkles was AMAZED by the hotel. Just AMAZED – AMAZED – AMAZED. Well, for one thing, there were BEDS IN THAT HOTEL ROOM! She had never seen beds that weren’t in someone’s house. She was also AMAZED by the TV, small refrigerator, iron, hair dryer and luggage rack. And then there was the phone. It had a curly cord of some kind attaching the receiver to the base. She had never seen that before.

More things Sparkles found to be AMAZING:

  • The hotel pool in the hot afternoon
  • The ice cream from the downtown candy shop
  • The live music heard from blocks away, following the sound, then staying for dinner
  • Getting caught in a sudden, super crazy rainstorm
  • Snuggling close to fall asleep
  • The completely different and completely unhealthy continental breakfast items
  • Enchanted Rock, probably the biggest and tallest rock on earth
  • Being brave when she scrapped both her knees, first one, then the other
  • The long, sweet nap on the drive back to Austin

Then I dropped off Sparkles at day care and traded for Buttercup. Now, Buttercup is only two-and-a-half. She wasn’t likely to even notice that we were in a different city, but we did it anyway.

Buttercup was less AMAZED and more just happy to spend time together. Since it didn’t rain on our night, we got to see bats emerge from a cave near town. She loved the ice machine at the hotel and was just tall enough to get ice by herself. We took the easy path at Enchanted Rock and I carried her by piggy back to get back to the car, because she was so tired.

Some times there is magic in an ordinary day, in being present and noticing the little things. Other times, there is magic in creating a day that is extra-ordinary, that is a super adventure and something to remember. We roll both ways at our house and for me, that is pretty AMAZING.

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  1. Sydney

    That was a very ambitious trip!


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