It’s Better When I Can Find the Puddle

Growing Up Austin

Blue Eyes, Sparkles, Buttercup and I headed for dinner to the Urban – An American Grill, because Heidi at Free Fun in Austin recommended it. I didn’t know the restaurant was in the Westin hotel at the Domain. This isn’t my usual neighborhood and everything seemed a bit grown-up and fancy for a family night out with two toddlers who don’t like to sit still. I told the hostess right up front that they seemed a little fancy for my family with kids, but she said they they love kids, so we sat down to dinner.

They had crayons, coloring paper and a kid’s menu. But, you don’t know for sure if a place really likes kids until someone pees in their panties. Which Buttercup did.

The only trouble is, I couldn’t find the puddle. Does that happen to you sometimes? Depending on the clothes and the shoes and the body’s position at the time of the peeing, it is possible to pee in your panties without peeing on the floor. It is also possible to leave a puddle that is hard to see in a dark restaurant, especially when your kid spent some time under the booth’s table.

I told our waitress that there was likely pee in the area, but I couldn’t find where. It didn’t phase her and she was gracious.  She brought us a towel (well, it was more of a bath mat, but the same idea) in case we needed it and said we could keep it, in case we could use it for the car seat on the way home.

Do you know now some restaurants say they are kid friendly but they don’t FEEL kid friendly, especially when something unexpected and loud/embarrassing/messy happens? Urban – An American Grill FELT kid friendly, even when it wasn’t easy to be.

Besides that, the Shrimp Pomodoro was super yummy and the burger was the opposite-of-fast-food, a-chef-made-this-burger, calorie-worthy kind. It was more expensive than our usual dinner out, but the food was worth the price. It is good to know a place that has grown-up food that welcomes the kids too. You can check out their menu here.

Thanks for the tip, Free Fun in Austin. Thanks for the towel, Urban-An American Grill. We’ll be back.

(No, this isn’t a sponsored post, it is just what I was thinking about today.)

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  1. Still have not come across a place in Austin more kid friendly than Fonda San Miguel in terms of attitude and liking the kids and not minding no matter what goes down including profuse vomit!

    No colors or activity, but the bright colors seem to have always engaged my kids and they love Paco the parrot.
    Wiley recently posted..Achievement to Thrive


    Carol Reply:


    Hmmmm, I didn’t think Fonda San Miguel. Thanks for the info!


  2. Sydney

    I like that they gave you a towel to take home!!


    Carol Reply:

    They were nice. I like nice. I’ll go back.


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