KGSR Needs to Take a Shower

KGSR started broadcasting on 93.3 today at 5pm. They will broadcast on 107.1 and 93.3 for ten days, then 107.1 will become a Mexican music station. Noel calls KGSR K-geezer, because it is more mature than it is young and hip these days. I don’t disagree with her really. While it is one of my favorite Austin radio stations, it is also a reason why I listen to my iPod most of all.

I think KGSR is like a smart, funny and handsome guy who doesn’t shower often enough…

I get annoyed by them more only because they could be so good.

I love that you can hear Bob Marley, Spoon and Van Morrison all on the same station. But, when they play reggae, why is it always the same three Bob Marley songs and until just recently they only played Spoon at odd hours and do we really need to hear Brown Eyed Girl again? Does it really count as diverse and imaginative if it is a bland version of diversity and imagination?

The DJs are my favorite annoying thing. Here are Mad Libs for a KGSR DJ air break – “I’m sad to share the news that <name you don’t know> passed away last night. Of coarse, he is known for playing bass on the first <band you don’t know> album recorded in <some city> at <a random name> studio in <a year a long time ago>. None of his work is in print, but I have a cassette tape of his first demo and it is really special.  It is sad to loose him.”

While I love and appreciate musicians and their music, as far as living and dying goes, I don’t think they are any more special than anyone else and I don’t really need to know when each one of them passes away.

The root of the problem is the Music Head delima. KGSR is a station for people who love music and the DJs are the people who love music the most, they live and breathe music, it is in their blood. But, anytime someone lives and breathes something, they eventually become, well, how do I say this…. boring. In an everyday life of the non-Music Head, with kids and jobs and neighbors and friends, it really isn’t interesting anymore who played bass on the third track of the first album. The more someone really, really knows music, the less he has in common with people who have other things going on.

Bryan Beck and Andy Langer are Music Heads. God Bless them. They know a lot about music. And with the new Late Show, on from 8-10am during the week, they are trying to connect with the common folk. My favorite is when they try to talk about American Idol. First, they apologize for ten mintues to the Music Head portion of their audience for talking about popular culture. By the time they are done, they should have another apology ready for the folks who like popular culture and are offended by the need for the first apology. Then they try to say something interesting about the show even though it is obvious they didn’t watch it. It feels like watching the adolescent guy flirt with the cute older girl in a coming of age movie. It is awkward and endearing and sometimes painful.

I know what they should do with the Late Show. They should hire a third DJ who is NOT a Music Head. Someone who isn’t really an expert on anything, but who makes funny and interesting conversation. Brian and Andy could teach her about music and she could teach them about American Idol and it would bridge the gap between the Music Heads and the rest of us who have kids and jobs and neighbors and friends, none of whom played bass on the third track of the first album for any band.

If KGSR could clean up its act that way, become a little less Music Head and a little more real, then all that would be left is the smart, funny and handsome parts. That would make it worth turning off the iPod and tuning in to KGSR 93.3.

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