Like a Cookie Just Out Of the Oven

It was our last night in New York and it felt very precious. It was our last night without kids, having grown-up conversations and getting all the sleep we wanted. You should have seen us have dinner in New York. We both got to eat while the food was still hot, nothing got spilled on the floor and we lingered after desert, without that my-kids-are-a-time-bomb-and-we-need-to-get-out-of-here-fast kind of feeling.

The risk was pretty high. We were going to see live music at a place recommended by a friend, but we didn’t know much about it or who was playing or if we would still be awake that late. It felt a bit reckless really, to take such a chance.

It all paid off. The Rockwood Music Hall was intimate and sweet. Two singer-songwriters, Rosi Golan and Natalie Hemby, took turns playing their own songs. The songs stood up to the simple delivery, the two voices and the acoustic guitar, they were beautiful.

Then Rosi Golan played a song they had written together earlier that day. That was cool, to hear it before it was really finished, when she was still figuring out how it should sound, like eating a cookie just out of the over before it takes on a certain shape.

I’ll tell you how good they were, I forgot to take a picture. The picture above is of the next band, The Prigs. We had to stay to see them because they had to fit nine people, drums and two keyboards on a stage that was the right size for two singer-songwriters. There were more guys behind the guys that you can see and they moved around a lot when they played, but mostly up and down. They were pretty fun.

I was glad we took the chance. It was a precious night.

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  1. There will be more of those moments.


  2. Ah, that is good to hear!


  3. park

    just found this blog – interesting experience…and for what it’s worth, in the photo, sax in blue shirt and lead guitar in white shirt are both Arts Magnet-Dallas grads, and co-leaders of The Prigs. Sax guy also plays in St.Vincent, who did a great ACL show that aired 10/09 – and played SXSW


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