Like, Ummmm, Wait Up for Me Mommy!

In my Toastmaster’s group, we get fined for ummmms, likes, you knows and any other word fillers that buy you time while you are thinking. The idea is that, if you have to pause, silence is less distracting than throwing in random words to fill the space. The fines are for a a good cause, the money goes to our Christmas party at the end of the year.
Yesterday, I ask Sparkles if she wants something else with her dinner and she is thinking, thinking, thinking about it, then she starts with the word fillers – “ummmmm, like, ummm,” then she says “wait up for me Mommy!” the same thing she says when we are walking and she wants me to wait for her to catch up. Then more “umm…like…wait up for me mommy, ummm, like, wait up for me mommy.” She was so cute!
I think about warning her against this bad habit that will cost her later, but it’s all in the journey, right? The word fillers will help her along until she can remember what a person might eat for dinner more quickly.

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