Austin Kids Hike! Goes Live!

Shoal Creek Austin Little Kids HikeOh, my! I’m so glad you are reading today, because I have something I want to show you. It is a present for you. A birthday present, sort of.

It has been one year since the official Growing Up Austin launch in April of 2010. At first I wanted to get you huge giveaways like free beer or free babysitting, then I thought of something that is special to me and might be special to you. May I present to you….

Austin Kids Hike! at!

Austin is the most incredible city on earth (well, I haven’t been to them all, but I’m pretty sure anyway) for finding beautiful outdoor places right in the middle of town and I love to go to these places with my little girls. I have gathered parent-friendly information about kid-friendly hikes and put them at the Little Kids Hike! pages of this blog. You can always get there from the link near the top of the page.

Many thanks to Allison Hardy at the City of Austin for her help with maps.

I hope you like it! If you might be into a hike with your kids, I hope the pages help! THANK YOU for reading!


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  1. wanda bates

    The article in todays paper caught my interest. The ‘places for kids to wade’ was interesting to me because I have been looking for places for my “kid” ( a toy poodle) to enjoy the water. She is 3 years old and very active but has never been in water so don’t know if she can swim.
    Now I find I really like your web site .. so thanks a lot!


    Carol Reply:


    Thanks for the comment! I’m glad the info is interesting. I hope you and your poodle have some nice hikes!



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