Live Music on a Train

So, I’m riding on the Zilker Zephyr train in Zilker Park with Sparkles, Buttercup and my Mom, and I think this is a pretty nice Austin experience. Then, as we turn a bend, there it is…

Live Music. In Zilker Park. Playing for the kids on the train.

I love surprises. I love music for kids. I love this guy and his idea to surprise kids on the train with music.

I want to give him a tip. I get my money out but the train is moving along. I look back and wonder if I pass the money back, will the money move back faster than the train moves forward? It seemed like fun to find out…

Ahhhhhh, soooooo close, but just missed him by two cars.

Well, another thing I love about Austin is that my money traveled all the way back to the front of the train. The good thing is, the train turns around and heads back the way it came and the musician got a lot of tips the second time around.

I’ve lived here for a while now, but I still haven’t gotten used to how pretty it is.

And the prettiest picture of all, Sparkles and Buttercup loving on each other.

Today was a good day. I’ll tell you more in the next post about why Mom flew into town at the last minute. Stay tuned.

Find more information about Barton Creek on Austin Kids Hike, this story is from Trail Head #6.

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  1. Jenna

    Stunning photo of the little ones. Can I get a copy?


  2. Isn’t it just gorgeous here lately? And I agree, you never know what you’ll see when you’re out in Austin on a weekend.


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