Looking Like a Squirrel Preparing for Winter

Do you ever find a Rice Krispie Treat in the bread box that you forgot about and it isn’t too old but it is definitely the last one and you know your 2-year-old would really like it, but you love Rice Krispie Treats too, so you eat it? Then your two-year-old walks into the kitchen and you turn to the side while you fit the whole thing in your mouth, then you eat it slowly while she plays at her kid-size kichen? Yeah, me too. 🙂

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  1. Nat

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA this is funny too


  2. torie

    hehe. I do his with cookies on a regular basis.


  3. Oh yeah! GUUIIIILLLLLLTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYY! or when your 6 year old has a memory like a secret agent and keeps tabs on how many Poptarts are left in the box and “busts” you the next day when he looks in the pantry and says, “Hey, who ate my last Poptart?” Gulp……


  4. Mom

    I had a friend who swore that her kids could be two blocks away and hear the pop when she opened a canned soda.


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