Love Letters to my Girls, Courtesy of Hands Free Mama

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When I first read the idea from Hands Free Mama, I knew I had to do it – write love letters to my kids.

I didn’t want it to be a project that I added on my list of things to do later, so I wrote the letters that same night. I wrote what came to mind right away, without over-thinking or over-editing. I printed them on the prettiest paper I already had in the house. I didn’t worry when the ink printed in alternating colors for no reason. I shared them the next day.

Her idea was so simple, to give examples, to put it in writing and to include an ‘i’m sorry’ for when you have made mistakes. Then, have a sit-down conversation, longer than an every-day-i-love-you, one that might sink in a little deeper and might be remembered a little more.

I thought to include my letter to Sparkles, as an example, but I copied the idea and the format and much of the last few paragraphs from Hands Free Mama, so you should read hers instead.

When I read Buttercup’s letter to her, she smiled a lot and we shared hugs and kisses. Sparkles understood more, she snuggled her head in my shoulder and put her arm around me. With my teenage step-daughter, it has been more complicated. I left her letter on her pillow.

Sometimes Mom Blogs help me understand and sometimes they make me laugh, but this post helped me be a better Mom. These won’t be my only love letters to my kids. Thank you, Hands Free Mama. Thank you, Two Cannoli, for introducing me to Hands Free Mama. And thanks most of all to Buttercup, Sparkles and Noel. I love y’all very much.



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  1. Carol, I am so honored! To know that my post resonated with you so much that it made you take action is truly a gift! My hope is to touch one life each time I write a post. Thank you for letting me know that it touched yours and each one of your children’s! So thankful that Two Cannoli brought us together. Kristin is one of my favorite people!


    Carol Reply:

    To do all that – to connect with readers in a way that leads to action – is hard to do in a blog post. But your blog does that for me a lot. (My other new favorite – “I love to watch you do gymnastics!”) Thank you! And I agree about Kristin!


  2. I love that you and Rachel connected, Carol! I agree that it is so hard to spur people to action, but she does that for me all the time. When I’m tempted to spend too much time on social media, I remember her words. So many times.
    This was a lovely post! Your girls will appreciate it more over time.
    Kristin Shaw recently posted..Kindergarten Roundup (Win a $300 Amazon gift card!)


    Carol Reply:

    Thanks for introducing me to Rachel! She is one of my regular stops.


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